Kono Statement is already “empty Garbage Bag”

20th/Jun, The Japanese government presented the results of a review(English version) of how the so-called Kono Statement regarding Asian women who were forced to work in Japan’s wartime military brothels.

Then, it was revealed that Kono Statement was just “compromise” at South Korean’s obstinate request regardless of historical facts.
And it is big surprise that Kono Statement has been made before the interviews of Korean Women self-professed “comfort women”.

Now, Kono Statement seems to be an empty “Garbage Bag“, though almost Japanese people have known for a long time that there is no evidences.
So, South Korean and their government lost the basis of “Comfort Women Statue” and “Monument” at some cities in U.S.A.. Because the Kono Statement has been the ONLY ground of them.

However, Japanese government(Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga said) will not change the Statement itself at all unfortunately, so Japanese governmet says that they will use “empty garbage bag” after this.
Japanese people should to request to our government about the reinvestigation of historical facts, otherwise stupid Korean will continue to diffuse their pack of lies and their false history.
(Argus Akita)








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