Act Against “Chosunization”(Chosun + nize)

Three Principles
— Shouldn’t help!
— Shouldn’t teach!
— Shouldn’t engage!


— Don’t look!
— Don’t come near!
— Scat!

Don’t allow fabrication on history!
Don’t allow Chosun’s alias(tsu-mei)
Don’t allow Chosun prostitutes under Japanese women!
Don’t allow Chosun pinball(pa-chi-n-ko)!
Don’t allow fake nor low quality Japanese dishes by Chosun all over the world!
Don’t allow Chosun’s illegal privileges in Japan!

Generally, Chosun make light of “human life”, “human rights”,”safety” and “law”.
So, Japanese can not share common basic value with Chosun.

If you place much emphasis on such common basic value, you have to act against “Chosunization”.