Understanding for Anti-Japan malicious propaganda by Korean

[[[ Background ]]]
Today, there are so many koreans living in Japan, arround 540,000. Almost of them are the descendant come from the Korean Peninsula after WWII. Why they come from Korean Peninsula ? Because almost of them belonged lower class in their society in those days, therefore they come to Japan illegally.
In 1955, Japan Gov. made a proposal about repatriation of them to South Korea Gov., but South Korea Gov. REJECTED definitely that.
Yes, almost of Koreans in Japan now are the descendant of ILLEGAL ALIEN.
And these aliens have controled Japanese “under ground economy”, for example “Pachinko”, “Yakuza”(Japanese Mafia), “Gaisen-Uyoku”(fake right-wing organization), usurer and so on.
Then some of them and their sympathizers have already invaded many mass media, press, TV, NPO, government, newly-risen religion, etc. with number of years terribly.
Their final goal is simply, Taking over our marvelous, beautigul JAPAN.
However, recently in Japan, many Japanese who love their country are standing up and taking action against aggression.

[[[ Facts concerned with “Comfort Woman” as called ]]]
Before end of WWII,
* there were many “licensed” prostitutes in Japan like as other many countries in those peiod.
* Korean Peninsula was Japanese territory, therefore people in the Peninsula were also “JAPANESE”
* licensd prostitutes consited of Japanese, Korean, Chinese and so on.
* they are just “Professional” with getting big wages.
Such “SYSTEM” including licensd prostitutes has been very ordinary in WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, etc..

* Mitsu Tanaka mentioned about Korean prostitutes as sex-slave.
* in 1970, Kakou Senda wrote a novel about Military comfort woman in war place. She used firstly “Jugun Ianfu” in that novel. It was just “fiction”.

SeijiYoshida-novel SeijiYoshida
* in 1973, communist Seiji Yoshida wrote a novel in which he described about Military comfort woman with compulsion by old Japanese military based on his experience.
BUT, in 1996, Yoshida confessed that the compulsion was his fabrication.

* Some korean women took the compensation to court against Japanese Gov.
They wanted to change the “Gun-hyou” which they received from old Japanese Gov. before end of WWII to money.

* in 1991, ASAHI(The Asahi Shimbun: Japanese major news paper) started the campaign that “Jugun Ianfu” were sex-slave with compulsion by old Japanese military.
But their articles were based on Yoshida’s novel. Main reporter of those articles was Mr. Hayami and Mr. Uemura(his wife is korean).
* Mizuho Fukushima(lawyer) started active supports for lawsuit concerned with “Jugun Ianfu”.
*in 1993, Yohei Kono(Chief Cabinet Secretary) mentioned about apology for ex-comfort women NOT based any facts.

* in 2006, 1st Abe Cabinet announced the Cabinet Decision that there is no objective facts concerned with “Jugun Ianfu” with compulsion.


Nariaki Nakayama exposured the falsehood of Korean’s assertions concerned with the “Comfort-Woman” at the House of Representatives on 2013/Mar/8.

(Nariaki Nakayama: member of the House of Representatives, ex-the Minister of Education, Science and Culture in Japan)

Head of Social Democratic Party, Mizuho Fukushima
“Freedom of Dancing”

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